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Selected articles by Roger Smalley

An Introduction to Beat Music by Roger Smalley


Articles about Roger Smalley

From West to East - Roger Smalley
by Mark Coughlan, Resonate magazine 31 July 2007

Roger Smalley interviewed by Andrew Ford
from Poles Apart - Music of Roger Smalley (1994)

Roger Smalley at 60
(link to a radio transcript on The Music Show/ABC Radio National website)


Articles in print

'Roger Smalley'
by Stephen Walsh, The Musical Times vol. 109 (1968) p. 131

'Current Chronicle: London'
by Elliot Schwartz, The Musical Quarterly vol. LIV, no. 1 (1968) p. 97 [Missa ParodiaI and II].

'The Contemporary Problem'
by Hans Keller, Tempo no. 82 (1967), p. 29. [Response to my Personal Viewpoint on Stravinsky, Tempo no. 81 (1967), p. 19.]

'The Contemporary Problem'
by Hans Keller, Tempo no. 83 (1967-68), p. 24.

'Roger Smalley's The Song of the Highest Tower'
by Tim Souster, Tempo no. 86, p. 12.

Roger Smalley's Pulses for 5x4 players and Transformation I for Piano'
by Brian Dennis Tempo no. 90 (1969), p. 28.

'Smalley's Melody Studies I and II'
by Brian Dennis, Tempo no. 93 (1970) p. 26.

Roger Smalley's Gloria tibi Trinitas I
by Stephen Walsh, Tempo no. 91 (1969-70), p. 17.

'Roger Smalley's Zeitebenen'
by Simon Emmerson, Tempo no. 108 (1974), p. 27.

'Smalley's Accord'
by Stephen Gersh, Tempo no. 116 (1976), p. 41.

'Roger Smalley - an interview with Dulan Barber', Times Educational Supplement, 19.2.71, p. 19.

Program notes

A wide selection of program notes by Rogers Smalley is available on this subpage for background information and for use in concert programs.

Poles Apart

Many of the articles and program notes available on this website were originally printed in Poles Apart - The Music of Roger Smalley., published by Evos Music and CIRCME, School of Music, University of Western Australia (1994).


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